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When it comes to invitation cards, winter truly promises to have much variety. It’s cold, it’s cozy and unlike summer, you don’t have think about stuff melting and deliveries getting late. And this year too, winter weddings have much better things in tow – especially when it comes to food and according to our experts in the wedding invite industry – fun food and delicate somethings are the order of the day. But first, the coolest things on the menu in Indian wedding invites this season straight from the awesome experts.

1. Exotic spices


India is the land of spices, so why not take advantage of it? Go for tiny boxes of everything – from cardamom to cassia, white pepper, cloves and even, saffron. “Saffron is now on trend because it’s exotic, it’s expensive and also, it lasts for a longer time in a box,”  of Turmeric Ink. It shows exclusivity and inventiveness.

2. Flavored teas


Yes, they are a tad on the overdone side but really, the new flavors you can get your hands on, can be fun. Look for flavors like: Saffron Kahwa, marigold, jasmine or even berry. Mango-flavored tea has happened people! “The thing about tea is that they add warmth to your invite. Even green tea is a great option because it’s a healthier option and will be used,” explains of Customizing Creativity. A traditional favorite is of course, rose-flavored tea. Personalized tea bags are a big deal. Any tea will work wonders if the tea bags bear the wedding monogram or even a hashtag.

3. All kinds of honey


Honey still rules the roost in wedding invites. The fact that it’s very Indian in it’s own way and is a great substitute for sweets works well. But this time, opt for bold flavours – litchi is one such popular one. Berries, orange, mango and even ginger make for great gifts.

4. Cookies, cookies 


Nothing can really beat cookies in a box when they come with a wedding invite. Customizing Creativity says that a good cookie will draw the crowds – provided it is made with more exotic ingredients. Opt for Madeleines, maybe. Or just go for a good coconut or cardamom one to add an Indian flavor.

5. Flavored sugar


Wow, that’s new. Little did we know that sugar comes in flavors and some, like cinnamon or rose are a great addition to a kitchen. “Just mix it up in a little water and it’s yummy.’ adds of Customizing Creativity. Apple, mango, raspberry, coconut palm and lavender are some you should try.

6. 24 carat Gold delicacies


Edible Gold bricks are now a thing people. Filled inside with mithai or chocolates these 24 karat gold bricks come engraved with you and your families name.

7. Offbeat Chikkis


The most popular variety these days is chikki. Now the sesame and peanut ones are so blah, so innovating the menu is important. “Try dry fruit chikkis for maximum appreciation, even chikkis coated with icing and chocolate are becoming very popular these days,” adds of Customizing Creativity.

8. Rose flavored sugar – almonds 


Big big trend this year – sugar-coated nuts!!! That too, if you can use flavored sugar then nothing like it. “Rose-flavored sugar almonds really gets our vote, even saffron-flavored ones are in”. Look at others like Spanish chilli or any herb-flavored nuts too. It’s the good stuff.

9. Besan burfis


“Anything with besan has been doing the rounds when it comes to sweets,” . It is somehow seen as healthy and instead of laddoos, it’s seen in the form of burfi. You can even look at other flavours in burfi – mango, maybe coconut or even kaju.

10. Granola with dry fruits


Health food is increasingly being preferred. Anything with sugar-free really is a big draw – dry-fruits are always in demand and anything with apricots works. “Granola with oodles of new flavors and additions is the new thing,”. Look for Granola additions like shredded coconut.

11. Panjeri


Very popular, very traditional – this fruit and nut mix from Pakistan is now getting increasingly popular in India. Made of almonds, cashews, pistachios, grated coconut, sooji rawa, sugar and raisins – this one is like a pudding and gives health food a good name. Yummers!

12. Dehydrated fruits


Any fruit once dehydrated becomes an exotic one – totally enters into dry fruit zone. Nowadays, dehydrated fruits are seen as seen as healthy and fun – the more exotic the fruit, the better it’s dehydrated version. Look for guava, kiwi or even dragon fruit and mango. Dates have always been a winner!

13. Any butters or preserves or jams


These days there are some really amazing home-made butters on the radar – from kiwi butter to orange flavored butter – there are so many cute options out there. And in winter, there is no danger of them going all melty so it’s the best time for it. Preserves and jams are popular too – from Whisky marmalade to pineapple relish to watermelon jam etc.


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